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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cubhunting at Weston Nursery

Tanheath 17

It was pleasant weather for fox hunting this weekend. Here's Susan Boone, MFH, working the hounds through Weston Nursery, Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Highland Lass

Highland Lass

This photo’s a bit of an oddball. After a not very successful day of shooting at the New Hampshire Highland Games, I caught a glimpse of this girl playing in the water below the bridge leading out of the Loon Mountain Ski Area. I managed to get to the edge of the bridge and snap a few photos before she left the water and it was probably the best shot I got all day.

Big Apple Hunter Pace

This year's Big Apple Hunter Pace was a big success.despite the wet weather. Turnout was strong at The Big Apple despite the rather wet weather.

Tanheath Hunter Pace 85

Special kudos to Mary Marks and the others handling the after-ride cookout. I'm still amazed that you guys managed to get a fire going in that rain storm. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Morning Workouts

I can't believe I never got around to posting the photos I shot last month at Saratoga. Morning workouts at Saratoga always strike me as the best time to be at the track. Things are quiet but there's plenty going on and you don't have the press of the crowd, which is so common at Saratoga.

Saratoga 06

I rather like how this shot turned out. A slow shutter gives it that bit of movement and I set up in front of a crew erecting an event tent for the afternoon's races which would explain the startled look on the horse's face. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cub Hunting

Tanheath 02

It's the first day of cub hunting for the Tanheath. The weather the night before was rather wet with the rains from tropical storm Hanna, but the morning was only overcast and the day itself was pleasant, if a bit hot once the sun came up over Burnt Swamp Road.


Casa Lusitana

One of the highlights of August is the open house that Jorge Gabriel puts together at Casa Lusitana each Labor Day. The horses are just amazing: gorgeous, talented and friendly, which is always a bit of a surprise considering the number of stallions they seem to have around.

Talento Sidepass

This year they had Kathy Von Ertfelda and and her stallion Talento WR putting on a freestyle dressage demonstration and Jorge also put on an interesting piaffe lesson as well as a Pas de Deux demonstration. Nice.


New this year were a few Perlino Lusitanos for sale. I don't think I've seen any horses with that coloration before and it certainly looks good on a Lusitano. If this photo was in color, you could see how piercing those blue eyes are. :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hound Roading

The official fox hunting season hasn't started yet, but the Tanheath Hunt has started roading the hounds to get the youngsters used to working with the horses.

Tanheath 01

Donna Hannigan and Silver getting ready to set off.

Myopia Horse Show

This Labor Day I was at the Myopia Horse Show again. The show grounds are lovely as always, located across from the polo grounds on route 1A in Hamilton, MA.

Myopia Horse Show 09

Myopia Horse Show 01

It was good to see everyone out at the show and here's looking forward to seeing you all on the hunt field this fall.