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Saturday, November 29, 2008


I need to pay better attention in the woods. I must have walked an extra few miles (after putting my hip out. Ugh!) by following the circles in the woods more than once. Oops. Note to self: don't use abandoned refrigerators as landmarks. They're hardly unique out there...

Still, not a bad day, especially considering it couldn't have been much more than 20F when we first set off.

Tanheath 03

Tanheath 13

Raven Rock Farm

The Tanheath was hunting for the first time from Raven Rock Farm in Scotland, Connecticut. The corn fields definitely made for a different looking backdrop from the usual hunt country.

Tanheath 09

Tanheath 07

Tanheath 31

The Blessing of the Hounds

The Opening Meet of the formal season traditionally involves the Blessing of the Hounds. Special thanks to all the visiting riders from the Norfolk Hunt.

Tanheath Hunt Blessing 23

Tanheath Hunt Blessing 21

Tanheath Hunt Blessing 14

Montpelier Hunt Races

The Montpelier Hunt Races at James Madison's home in Montpelier Station, Virginia remain one of my favorite race meets of the year. You've got all the tradition and beauty of Saratoga (and the crowds!) with a bit more room to move and a more relaxed pace. What's not to like?

Montpelier Hunt Races 59

Montpelier Hunt Races 53

Montpelier Hunt Races 40